Bespoke Wrought Iron Electric Gates

Bespoke wrought iron electric gates have gained a lot of popularity in many homes because of their high level functionality and efficiency. Here are several of the benefits of installing these gates in your home.

Offer more security
One of the obvious reasons why you might want to install an electric gate in your home is to enhance its security. These gates are preferred by many homeowners because they provide a high-level of security compared to most other types of gates. M.Allen & Sons can install a gate that is fitted with an alarm so that you will be notified wherever you are if anyone attempts to access your property. You will also be able to grant access to the property to certain phone numbers, allowing you to unlock the gate with a text message from one of these white listed numbers.

Completely made to order
Another very advantageous aspect of our bespoke electric gates is that they are designed to meet your specific needs, so your new gate will fit perfectly with the exterior of your property. Regardless of the pattern, design or any other aspect that you require, we are confident that you will be completely satisfied with the finished piece. You will be able to make your home look unique and more appealing than the others in your area.

Require low levels of maintenance
One of the greatest factors you should consider when you are selecting a gate for your property is the level of maintenance required. You should always go for a gate that requires low maintenance. Our bespoke wrought iron electric gates offer this benefit in that they require a low level of maintenance. They are beautifully designed and don’t require constant repainting. You can rest assured that your new gates will look fresh and new for a long time.

Increase the value of your home
With our bespoke electric gates installed at your property, the value of your home will increase. This means that if you ever decide to resell your home, you will do so at a significantly higher price. It gives your home an improved appeal that will make it attract potential buyers more quickly.

Visually stunning
The gates can help add visual appeal to your home because they look fantastic. If your home already looks good, it will look even better with these gates installed. All of the electric gates we install are carefully designed with your specific needs in mind.


Electric Motor Systems by Nice UK Ltd

We use motor systems from ‘Nice Ltd’ in all of our electric gate installations. Nice provide the highest quality and most complete range of automation systems for electric gates and garage doors available on the market. Their products are easily integrated and they even provide training when they release new products. The motors they provide are smooth, quick opening, and above all else they are reliable. That is why we always use their motors in our work and will continue to do so in the future.

If you would like to learn more about Nice Ltd or any of the products they manufacture, you can find them at